La Vie

Venture’s La Vie Speaker is a compact fullrange
speaker with a world-class performance.
La Vie is a perfect point source speaker with a very
wide bandwidth from 100 Hz up to 60,000 Hz, that
offers a natural sound and timbre with excellent
imaging and transparency that seems unlikely from
such a small speaker. La Vie will bring life back to
music and brights up any room with its beautiful and
compact design.




• High density Solid Acrylic composite with
an excellent rigidity and its resonance free
characteristics, which produces a distortion free
and very low noise cabinet.
• Low diffraction V-shape cabinet design
• Precision machined bass port made from copper
for low noise operation
• High copper content brass WBT binding posts


• With only a single driver speaker, there’s no need
for a crossover, which makes La Vie an ideal speaker
with no crossover distortion.
• Correction filter with a linear impedance and zero
phase design
• Hand wired point to point connections, one-ata-
time handpicked parts cast in Polyurethane to
avoid microphonics.
• Special Venture cable designed for internal wiring


• One Fullrange driver with extended Bandwidth
from 85 up to 60,000 Hz.
• Magnetic shielded design
• Each driver is measured according all parameters
and matched for every pair speakers




Frequency 100 - 60,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 86 dB
Impedance: 5 (+/- 1Ohm)
Break-in-time: 24 hours playing time
Driver: One 2” AGC Venture Tweeter
Dimensions: H-20 x W-15 x D-17 cm
Weight: 4 kgs