One of the most successful speakers, La Charme, still very much loved by her owners since 1990, gets reinvented and the ULTIMATE CHARM is born.

Incorporating the new VENTURE driver technology, the Ultimate Charm brings more improvements to the macro -and micro dynamics never experienced before and is truly a jewel amongst all two-way design speakers.

The VENTURE tradition of first order 6dB/Octave networks have been implemented with the latest upgraded components to give a superior impulse and ideal power response.
All these meticulously innovations result in an exceptional musicality, a rock-solid image focus and a smooth response over a wide sweet spot.

The speakers also come with full casted aluminium stands, which have been designed to complete the speakers in achieving their Ultimate Live Performance.

The stands are in full casted aluminium which results in greater stiffness, no energy
storage and a more silent background that improves the micro dynamics and allows
you to enjoy a more clear acoustic scenery.
The speakers are then decoupled from the stands with a special rubber damping system.




  • Frequency Response:40 - 60,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity:87 dB
  • Impedance:4 Ohm
  • Recommended Power:Up to 200 Watts (No clipping)
  • Break-in Time:Min 24 hrs min playing time
  • Drivers:One 2" VENTURE AGC Dynamic Tweeter - One 7" VENTURE CFGC Woofers
  • Design:2-Way First order Crossover Design
  • Weight:50 kgs (incl.stands)
  • Dimensions:H42 x W28 x D34 (cm)
  • Stands: H-111
  • Cabinet:Pearl White
  • Ebony Veneer in Polyester High Gloss 


*Due to progress in Research & Development, our products may present different than those described.